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WILKO – SICK PAY No.2 Bulletin No.8


Dear Colleagues,

You will have seen press coverage and been briefed by management on changes Wilko wants to make to sick pay. Contrary to what Wilko has been briefing, GMB Union opposes management’s draconian changes to team members’ sick pay, and we will fight with our members to maintain a good sick pay scheme.

Here is how management want to slash the sick pay scheme:

Sick Pay – (this is the current sick pay entitlement)
Up to 3 months service No company sick pay
Over 3 months – 6 months 1 week’s sick pay
Over 6 – 9 months 2 weeks
Over 9 months – 1 year service 3 weeks
Over 1 year up to 5 – 4 weeks
years Over 5 years 1 week for each year of service (max 26 weeks)

Sick Pay – (these are the cuts management are planning to introduce from 1st April 2020)
Up to 3 month’s service No company sick pay Over 3 months – 6 months No company sick pay Over 6 – 9 months No company sick pay Over 9 months – 1 year No company sick pay
Over 1 year up to 5 years 1 week’s sick pay for each year of service
Over 5 years 1 week for each year of services (max 26 years)

Team members will only get company sick pay on the first occasion off sick. After the first occasion team members will only get statutory sick pay. Example: a team member has one day sick with a cold. They will be paid company sick pay for this day but, if they are sick on any other occasions during the year they won’t receive any company sick pay.

Wilko have also stated they will remove invites to a separate formal meeting with an independent line manager on a different day. They have said they will instead issue a formal level, as part of the return to work investigation process, on the same day and with the same line manager. This is against ACAS guidelines and could result in removing your statutory right to union representation.

Why is Wilko doing this ? By cutting team members’ sick pay, Wilko will save money and team members will be worse off.

Overall sickness levels are not high in Wilko. The current Wilko sick pay scheme is not more generous than other employers. Management is coming up with poor excuses to take away team members sick pay and save money.

The GMB Union believes this is wrong. It’s bad for business and worse for team members.
Team members should get sick pay when they’re ill. Team members still have to pay the bills and make ends meet if they can’t come to work. Wilko team members deserve a good sick pay scheme.

Wilko used to care about its team members but is fast becoming a minimum wage and minimum benefits employer. That’s not right, Wilko should value its hard working team members, leave team members sick pay alone, that way it will win back customers and restore trust.

Join the GMB Union campaign to Save Wilko Sick Pay. Let’s stand together and fight for team members sick pay.


Posted: 12th March 2020

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