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WILKO Pay Claim 2019 – Update

Bulletin No 2 February 2019

WILKO Pay Claim 2019 – Update

The GMB negotiating team met Wilko management on 29th January to discuss our pay claim for 2019.

We discussed the company’s current trading position, profitability and the recent senior management changes. The discussions were constructive, but a pay offer was not made at the meeting and pay talks are going to take longer than usual to conclude. We have a further meeting scheduled for 14th March 2019 and we will keep you informed of any developments.

The National Living Wage increases will take place on 1st April 2019 and we will still be looking for any additional pay increase to be backdated to 1st April 2019.

Pay Protection – Night Shift Retail

During the recent retail night shift consultation, GMB argued for redeployment opportunities to be made available to minimise and reduce redundancies. The GMB believed this could be best achieved by Wilko offering comparable hours and protecting peoples’ pay.

The Wilko redundancy policy, which is contractual, says team members who transfer into an alternative role will be offered a 13 week trial period and if the alternative role is at a lower rate of pay than the current position, Wilko will maintain the existing pay during the trial period and after that the team member’s pay will be phased down over a 12 month period.
Wilko has refused to apply the policy and has argued that the trial period and pay protection does not apply to a loss of shift pay. Wilko has only offered a 4 week trial and 8 week’s pay protection.

GMB believes this is wrong and a breach of contract and a potential unlawful deduction of wages.

If you are a GMB member, who has transferred from nights to days and are affected by the trial period and pay protection, please contact your local GMB workplace rep, or GMB regional organiser. You can also speak directly to the GMB law firm, Unionline on 0300 333 0303.

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Posted: 12th February 2019

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