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Wilko has released a company update on essential items –

Wilko has released a company update on essential items –

What essential means to us

For 90 years we’ve played a key role in helping families obtain the everyday essentials they need for their families. Since the coronavirus outbreak and the closure of restaurants, cafes and food outlets, supermarkets have found themselves under extreme pressure to cope with feeding the nation. Therefore, we’re helping to provide an important alternative for families who don’t have access to large supermarkets in their local community. We’re an alternative that takes the non-food pressure off the supermarkets and also provides food for pets.

We want everyone to understand the big range of essential products we provide.

Over 80% of the products we sell are essential and split into the following three categories:

The ‘essential essentials’ products:

Fast-moving cleaning (e.g. bleach, laundry, cloths, scourers)Cleaning hard goods (e.g. mops, buckets)Toiletries essentials (e.g. wipes, hand wash/sanitiser, toilet paper, tissues)Toiletries everday (e.g. shower, hair, deodorant, hair colourant)Healthcare (e.g. medicines)Pet care (e.g. food, bedding, medicines, cat litter)Baby care (e.g. food, formula, nappies)Stationery essentials (e.g. pens, paper, printer ink)Smoking cessation

Products ‘for doing the essential jobs’:

Home maintenance & repairs (e.g. light bulbs, glue, screws)Security & safety (e.g. smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors)Plumbing & electrical repairsBatteries

Essential products to help keep families at home in social isolation:

Decorating (e.g. paint, brushes)Garden essentials (e.g. tools, plants, seeds, Grow Your Own, watering/hoses, paint)Stationery & craft (e.g. art, craft, accessories)Kitchen & bakeware (e.g. pans, utensils, dinnerware)Essential home for quarantining (e.g. duvet, bedding, towels)

Reflecting this new categorisation we’ve started to remove or deprioritise non essential products such as: cushions, throws, bedding, pick and mix, luggage and cosmetics.

The above will help you to explain to your teams what we mean by essential and answer any queries about essential products they may have.

Posted: 6th April 2020

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