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Wilko – DC Management Re-Structure – Bulletin No 3 February 2020

Bulletin No 3 February 2020

Wilko – DC Management Re-Structure

Dear Member

As you are aware, Wilko is restructuring the management structure which will see the removal of the departmental and section leader to be replaced by a first line manager role. Wilko is proposing to map departmental leaders into the first line manager role, but section leaders have been put at risk of redundancy and will have to apply for the

In collective consultation, management have attempted to argue that section leaders will not be entitled to a trial period in the new FLM role and that if a section leader takes an alternative role at a lower rate, they will not be entitled to a phasing down of their pay.

The GMB union has argued that this is contrary to Wilko’s own contractual redundancy policy (see below) and employment law.

Wilko management are trying to wriggle out of their contractual and statutory obligations. They are trying to say that if a section leader accepts a new role (FLM or alternative role) before they are given notice of redundancy they do not have to give them a trial period or phasing down of their pay if they take a lower grade role.

The GMB Union won’t stand by and let this happen. We want you to know what management are trying to do and be armed with the Wilko Policy. See your GMB rep for advice and make sure you are represented at your 1to1 meetings.

Wilko Redundancy Policy

4.0 Redeployment – Once team members are identified as redundant and notified of their potential redundancy, we will actively seek alternative work for them within the company prior to their redundancy taking effect.

We will offer a trial period of 13 weeks (or longer depending on the job) for team members who transfer into an alternative role. During this trial period redundancy entitlements will still apply and we will only cease at the end of the trial period.

If the alternative role is at a lower rate of pay than the current position we will maintain the existing pay during the trial period after that time the following pay adjustments will apply

From weeks 14 to 26 – 75% of the difference in pay rates
From weeks 27 to 39 – 50% of the difference in pay rates
From weeks 40 to 51 – 25% of the difference in pay rates
From weeks 52 onwards – new pay rates apply

If you’re not a GMB Union member you can join online –

Yours sincerely



Posted: 28th February 2020

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