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Tell Wilko: don’t cut your sick pay

Tell Wilko: don’t cut your sick pay

Wilko workers have grafted throughout this pandemic – putting themselves and their families at risk to keep stores open.

Along with other retail workers, they’ve had to deal with a lack of social distancing, increased threats and abuse from customers.

Wilko should be rewarding their commitment – but instead they have slashed their sick pay entitlement.

Wilko should hang their heads in shame.

Wilko’s new sick pay policy will punish hourly paid workers who have put themselves at risk whilst protecting the sick pay of senior managers many of whom have been allowed to work from home over the past 12 months.

We must fight for sensible sick pay policies and protect the lowest paid and most vulnerable workers.

Please add your name to our petition on Wilko

Posted: 15th March 2021

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