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Security Guard Update

Bulletin No 6 July 2017

Transfer of Guarding to Mitie

Dear member

GMB representatives met with company on 25th July 2017 to consult on the proposed transfer to Mitie in September 2017. A meeting with Mitie has been arranged for 11th  August.

Wilko confirmed:


 The 1% pay rise will be paid from 1st  October 2017.

 Wilko is working with Mitie on a structure for security going forward but this will not be settled until after the transfer.

 Wilko says it wants security guards dedicated to the Wilko contract.

 Wilko will pay for SIA training and licence. Those off sick will be given extra time to complete the training.

 If your GMB membership subscription is normally deducted from your salary, this will no longer be the case when you transfer to Mitie. Please complete the membership form overleaf and follow the instructions to ensure your membership does not lapse. GMB can only provide advice and assistance to GMB members.


Wilko is going to come back to us on a number of issues raised by members and a further meeting is scheduled for 21st  August 2017.

Your pay, and terms and conditions of employment will transfer to Mitie. There is no time limit on TUPE. The GMB’s right to negotiate pay and conditions (union recognition) will also transfer. Wilko is keen that a good working relationship between Mitie and GMB is established.


This is an unsettling and worrying time for Security Guards and there is a lot of uncertainty about the future structure. GMB reps will continue to advise, represent and support GMB members throughout the consultation period and after the transfer to Mitie takes place.


If you haven’t yet joined GMB, then please complete a membership form or join online


Yours sincerely




Gary Carter




National Officer


Posted: 31st July 2017

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