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Dear GMB member,

Important Update on the National Living Wage

This is an important update on the talks relating to the implementation of the National Living Wage for over 25’s in April 2016 in Wilko.
On the 22nd December the company presented GMB with two options which the GMB National Reps agreed to take to a full meeting of GMB National and Regional Reps on the 18th January for their decision.
The company’s proposals are far-reaching, and involve not just increased wages, but fundamental changes to terms and conditions that affect all staff members below T-grade, such as merging grades, the removal of premiums and allowances.
The company’s proposals have positive and negative implications for thousands of GMB members across the company. For example, according to the company’s provisional calculations over 2,500 staff will lose between £1,000 and £3,000 per year in wages, and over 1,600 staff gain over £1,000 per year.
These are fundamental changes that have significant implications for individuals which is why GMB has argued for a full consultation process with GMB members so they have the opportunity to understand the impact of the proposals before they are balloted.
On the 18th January your GMB National and Regional Reps met and agreed a recommendation and that full consultation was required with members, which was put back to the company. However, the company insist that it requires a ballot result by the 19th February to meet their statutory deadlines and rejected GMB proposal to conduct a full member consultation during February on the proposals’ details.
In early February you, as a GMB member, will receive full details of the company’s proposals, a ballot from GMB and details of GMB’s recommendation. It is highly likely all staff will received a separate company communication.
If you have any questions relating to the ballot process or details of the proposals, contact your GMB National Reps directly as listed here.

Billy Gaskell – or 01633 883616
Keith Espin –
Lee Hagen – or 01909 505 589 
Pat Bethell –

Yours sincerely

Eamon O’Hearn Large 
GMB National Officer

GMB General Secretary: Tim Roache
National Office: 22 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HD

Posted: 27th January 2016

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