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Bulletin No 1 January 2020


Dear Members


Pay Claim 2020

The GMB Union has submitted this year’s pay claim following the feedback from the pay surveys. A national meeting was attended by GMB reps from their respective regions, to reflect, and articulate the views and aspirations of our members. We’ve since had an initial meeting with management and the next meeting is scheduled for 6th February 2020. The GMB claim for 2020 is:

a) An increase in level 1 basic rate to £9.00 per hour from 1st April 2020.

b) The under 25 level 1 basic rate to be harmonised upwards with level 1, 25 and over rate from 1st April 2020.

c) All other basic rates to be increased to maintain the current differentials in basic rates from 1st April 2020.

d) Boxing Day & New Year’s Day to be a non-trading day.


The Background to our Pay Claim

We know that it is tough in retail and the market in which Wilko competes has got harder. Brexit will continue to fuel uncertainty and there are no signs that consumers are going to start to spend more freely. High street retailers will have to fight hard to maintain customers and profit levels. We recognise that Wilko needs to adapt and modernise and the multi million pound investment in logistics is to be welcomed.

There has been significant change in retail and the number of employees has dropped dramatically in the last few years. Team members are under more pressure and their workload has increased. In distribution centres, team members are working more weekends and the investment in new management systems and kit will alter the established ways of working.

With the investment in systems and hardware there needs to be investment in team members, both in store, head office, and in the distribution centres. Team morale and engagement is paramount if Wilko is going to reach its goals. Maintaining the commitment to pay above the national living wage is very important to team members and their families, as are the pay differentials for other grades, which reflect the additional skills required to carry out the role.

Wilko team members need a fair and reasonable pay increase in order to maintain their standard of living. This goes for all grades.


Sickness Absence Policy

We’ve had a couple of meetings with Wilko and ACAS to discuss the current sickness policy. Management put forward proposals to take away the first three days of sick pay for non-executive grades and wanted to stop company sick pay in distribution centres if overall sickness rates (across the board) went above 3%. The GMB rejected both proposals at the second meeting and we will keep you informed of any developments.

Yours sincerely



Posted: 27th January 2020

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