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We have had several issues in the past weeks that have seen team members have their sick pay stopped by the company.  Here is a list of do’s and don’ts to guide you through the procedure and if these simple guidelines are not followed then potentially your sick pay may be withheld for not following the SC2 contact procedure.


  • DO – Contact first care at least 1 hour prior to your start time to open your absence.
  • DO – When prompted give an estimated return to work date and phone back and update if there is any change prior to your estimated return date.
  • DO – Close your absence prior to starting back to work preferably the day before.


  • YOU DON’’T – Have to speak to a nurse.
  • YOU DON’T – Have to give your telephone number.
  • YOU DON’T – Have to give your date of birth.
  • YOU DON’T – Have to accept being rung back by first care.
  • YOU DON’T – Have to go into detail about the symptoms for your absence, for example –

I have got the Flu – This is ok.

I have a bad back – This is ok


If you are worried about any symptoms contact your Doctor.

Posted: 18th March 2015

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