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Delayed Ballot update 28/9/15

Dear GMB member, 

We’ve been balloting colleagues in-store on the Company offer of 2% for 2015 in a number of locations.

For those members who are being balloted by post we have unfortunately experienced some problems which have meant ballots have been delayed reaching you.

To ensure that everyone has the chance to Have their Say on Pay we are extending the deadline for voting until close of business,October 16th.

The pay award will be backdated to the start of October 2015 and talks are due to commence again in November.

Thanks for your patience.

As a reminder the Recommendation is to accept the offer as below:

On balance, with the historic low levels of inflation, this offer does represent an increase well-above the current cost of living, so the National Negotiating Team are recommending the offer of 2% to members. It is now up to you, the members, to have the final say on 2015 pay. 

A ballot form will be sent to you shortly, and only GMB members will have the right to vote on the offer. Please encourage friends at Wilkinson who are not in GMB to join, using the form overleaf, so they can also have a vote. We are stronger together.

Kind regards, 

Eamon O’Hearn 
GMB Commercial Services Section

Posted: 28th September 2015

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