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*DC2 UPDATE* Team member poll March 2021


Team member poll March 2021

Wilko has chosen to exempt the distribution centres from the first team member poll of 2021 whilst allowing retail, support centre (head office) and wilko worldwide to take part.

They argued that they didn’t email the DC staff the poll because of Covid. We believe this was a poor excuse and did not stop polls taking place last year throughout 2020 when absence was significantly higher. Team members could make a simple choice to take part if they had been sent a link via an auto generated email list as per the rest of the buisiness.

We can only presume they did not want DC input due to some of the questions being around management, equal treatment and if you would recommend wilko as a place to work. The final poll outcome presented by wilko will not be a true representation of the business as a whole.

We felt your voice should be heard, your opinion should be valued and you shouldn’t be silenced.

We have decided to do our own Poll. Please only take part if you work in the distribution centre and have not been emailed a team member poll link. The questions have been copied from the workplace poll.

From the W21 Branch team.

Please use link below

Posted: 15th March 2021

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