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*DC2 7 day working Update*

*DC2 7 day working Update*

Just to update as quite rightly and as expected the new rotas are causing a lot of upset and anger within the DC and also with our colleagues at DC1. This is due to the detrimental impact to work life balance and what some team members believe could be an indirect discrimination due to their specific contracts and age.

Sadly I need to reiterate as there are still some untruths being said on the shop floor regarding myself even though I posted on here and our DC notice boards on January 30th stating the fact. These rotas have categorically not been agreed by the GMB and we made the company aware there could be challenges from team members.

Also apologies for the delay in putting something out but I have been on nights supporting redundancies and the unlawful deduction of wages claim and then on holidays. Upon my return Monday I have been catching up with my colleagues both on site, regionally within the GMB and also nationally within the GMB to share the feeling within our DC.

We have a meeting at Head office scheduled for Thursday 14th March with regards to unreasonable working rotas/patterns. I have relayed the strong feeling for an initial indicative ballot to National GMB and this may be considered as an option after Thursdays meeting as per the requests I have received.

In the mean time we understand there is a lot of anger but please support your GMB reps who are not in any way at fault. Please continue to provide them with constructive feedback throughout this process so that we can make sure your voice is heard.

With regards,

Paul McGuire.

Posted: 6th March 2019

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