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Hi All,

I just wanted to clarify our standing regarding the 7 day working being implemented at DC2.

7 day working is a Wilko management decision to spread the staff resource, fleet and workload thus enabling the transfer of the nights operation onto days to create a cost saving. While this makes business sense on paper, it is a detriment to our members both in terms of the ongoing redundancy consultations and the expectation of working weekends having an impact on work life balance. On this basis as you would expect, none of the processes taking place gets our ‘positive’ support.

I want this to be clear in case of any misleading company communications or the usual “it’s been agreed by the GMB” comments are made.

Our input is purely in the interests of making the company aware of the need to take team members well being into account when considering shift patterns that they are short listing. I have been asking that the company considers patterns that may not fit the perfect pattern but would be more understanding for the workforce. I have also highlighted where I feel there may be challenges around team members deeming a shift pattern unfair. The maintaining of a healthy work life balance such as regular weekends off to spend with family are critical to a happy and productive work force.

You may have been briefed on a recent Q+A regarding the ongoing work and to make you aware I requested some amendments with the HR team as I felt it was misleading. These were ignored so I will use the opportunity to share with you now.

The Q+A refers to the retail review taking place and that the company and the GMB are drafting your work patterns. I requested this was amended to more accurately show our stance as ‘with work/life balance input from the GMB’ but this was ignored. Some of my colleagues believe this is to mislead team members.

I also requested that the Q+A reminded team members that it is their statutory right to raise a flexible working request at any time as the terms ‘deadline’ and ‘window’ are misleading but this was also ignored.

I will be writing to all DC staff regarding the nights consultations hopefully by the end of the week/start of next week. I have had to quickly write this whilst my two kids fight over who’s turn it is on the Nintendo switch so hopefully most of this makes sense.

With regards,

Paul McGuire

Posted: 5th February 2019

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