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DC 2 members extra hours update 21-10-19

DC 2 members extra hours update 21-10-19

You should now be in the process of receiving your rotas updated to include the 1 in 3 working patterns pre and post peak.

As this is all being done at very short notice please raise any issues or if you wish to remain on your current pattern immediately with your line manager as we work with the company to iron out any problems.

With peak on the horizon there is extra work available on the weekend days being offered to team members whilst recruitment is ongoing to increase our head count.

The company has stated during this process that they require an additional 75 team members per day on weekends at the current headcount.

The managment team have also said they have taken a leap of faith that some team members will want extra hours with Christmas coming up.

If you are interested in working extra days for extra hours then please speak to your line manager or one of the GMB reps for an extra hour commitment form. Any additional hours worked during this period will help support the company commitment to implementing the 1 in 3 rotas.

Posted: 21st October 2019

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