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Consultation For Proposed Nights Operational Change at SC2

The GMB has entered into consultation with Wilkinson on Tuesday 14th April to discuss the future of the nights operation.  The company is proposing to move the nights pick operation back onto days as a 2pm-10pm shift. 

As this may not be possible for some team members there may regrettably be redundancies but the company and the GMB will work together to find alternative roles for those that are able to work the proposed shift pattern.

There is a possibility that those already on days may be required to have a change of shift pattern to the proposed 6am-2pm and 2pm-10pm as one of the challenges by those affected by potential redundancy is that they have raised the idea of the implementation of a rotating shift of earlies/lates. 

The consultation will last a minimum of 45 days so please send us any questions you need answering or any challenges you feel you would like raised as part of the consultation process.   We will keep you updated as regularly as possible throughout this process.

Posted: 17th April 2015

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