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Bulletin No 9 – March 2020

Bulletin No 9 – March 2020


Dear Members

Social Distancing

We had a further conference call with management this week and we discussed the company’s plan to implement social distancing measures. The health, safety and welfare of team members is of paramount importance and GMB national reps took the opportunity to let management know what GMB members are most concerned about. Team members are worried and want more done to protect their safety, and they want better communications.

As Wilko has been given permission to trade it is vital that social distancing measures are put in place and that customers adhere to these measures.

Wilko are implementing the following social distancing and hygiene measures:

 Team members – hand sanitising at the beginning, middle and end of each shift.

 Wilko is developing sneeze screens to protect cashiers (like those being fitted by supermarkets).

 Queue management in place at the store entrance. There to manage the flow of customers into stores to ensure that self-distancing is not compromised for customers (and team members) in our stores.

 Floor markings laid out at the till point queuing area so customers can stand two metres apart.

 Card only tills.

 Notices around the till point area and in the queueing area reminding our customers to self- distance by 2 metres.

 Notices should be displayed that reminds our customers that they should respect our team members at all times.

To keep team members safe, social distancing measures need to be in place and they need to be managed. If you have particular issues in store or depot, please contact to your GMB rep or regional organiser and they will speak to management.

It is important that management and GMB reps communicate to make social distancing measures work and keep team members safe.


Posted: 30th March 2020

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