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Bulletin No 8 November 2018

Bulletin No 8 November 2018


As part of Wilko proposals to move to 7 day deliveries, management proposed to remove Night Shift working in 44 stores. During the consultation with GMB this was reduced to 32 and finally 27 stores. There were 226 team members put at risk of redundancy.

Throughout the consultation GMB argued for redeployment opportunities to be made available to minimise and reduce redundancies.

The GMB believed this could be best achieved by Wilko offering comparable hours and protecting peoples pay.

In 16 stores longer contract hours were made available.

Wilko increased pay protection from 4 to 8 weeks, but GMB believe this is unacceptable as the Wilko policy says, pay will be reduced over a 12 month period.

Had longer hours and 12 month pay protection been made available, GMB believes more team members would have opted to redeploy and remain at Wilko. This would have reduced the redundancy cost and experienced team members would still be working for Wilko.

At the last count 55% had opted for redeployment and 45% of team members were made redundant.

Redundancy payments are based on the highest of; the last 12 months average, the last 12 weeks or contractual hours. Payment in lieu of notice (PILON) will be considered on a case by case basis. If made redundant a team member will retain their discount card for 12 months.

Please contact your local GMB rep, Convenor or Regional Organiser for advice, assistance and representation.

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Posted: 23rd November 2018

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