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Bulletin No.6 2020 Wilko – Sick Pay


Dear Member,

Wilko management is briefing team members that they are going to cut company sick pay from 1st April 2020. The GMB Union is totally opposed to cutting team members’ sick pay. It is disgraceful Wilko is doing this.

There is no good reason for the change. It’s about saving money by worsening the terms and conditions of team members. The GMB will fight cutting team members’ sick pay.

Team members should get company sick pay. Team members deserve to have their pay protected when they are sick. What management is doing will push many team members into poverty when they’re not well enough to come to work. Others will feel they have no choice but to come to work when ill, because they will not get paid if they have time off sick.

It is irresponsible of management to have sick team members at work, spreading colds, coughs and viruses to other employees and customers, especially with the threat of Coronavirus.

Wilko management need to think again. Cutting sick pay will damage the business and hardworking team members will unnecessarily suffer.

Join the GMB Campaign to Save Wilko Sick Pay

If you are not a GMB Union member, then you can join or by completing the form overleaf.

Don’t let Wilko take your sick pay away.

Yours sincerely,


Posted: 6th March 2020

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