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Bulletin No 5 February 2020

Bulletin No 5 February 2020

Wilko – DC Section Leaders

To: DC Section Leaders

You will have received a communication from management on 27th February 2020 which says that GMB is in dispute with the FLM proposal. To be clear, GMB does not oppose anyone getting a promotion or gaining benefits from the FLM proposal.

What we do object to, is the company refusing to phase down a Section Leader’s pay if they
decide not to take the FLM role and have no alternative but to take an alternative role because otherwise they will be made redundant. The company should do the right thing and abide by their own policies.

Likewise, management should allow Section Leaders to have a trial period, in line with policy and statute.

These are the reasons we have raised a dispute and we will fight for our members’ rights and Wilko should respect peoples’ rights.

Yours sincerely



Posted: 28th February 2020

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