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Bulletin No 3/February 2017


Bulletin No 3/February 2017

Company Absence Policy Update


Dear Member

As you will be aware changes to the Company Absence Policy were introduced by Wilko at the beginning of February this year as a result of significant escalating costs which amounted to some £4.8 million.

These changes will have been briefed out to all colleagues.

It should be pointed out that your National Reps were able to secure a number of changes to the company’s original proposals as follows:

 The company intended to introduce a change that no CSP would be paid for the first 5 days of absence when colleagues were on a live sanction, this was reduced to 3.

 Periods of absence were to be based on a maximum of 5 periods which was subsequently changed to 6.

 The payment of Company Sick Pay was to be based on the colleagues contract hours, this was changed to a colleagues average hours so as to reflect the reality of hours actually worked.

 Long Term Sick payments were based on the Wilko Financial year, however, this will now be subject to a review process which will take into consideration the circumstances relating to the colleague.

To this end a new committee will be set up to look into the individual’s circumstances who is on Long Term Sick and to then decide if appropriate the continuation of the payment. Agreement was secured from the company that a National GMB Rep would sit as part of this committee.

This policy is subject to an on-going review throughout the course of 2017 in which your GMB National Reps will be fully involved. It is therefore important that members feedback through their local reps and Officers any issues arising during this review period which we need to raise at National meetings with senior management.


Harry Donaldson


on behalf of the National GMB Reps

Posted: 24th February 2017

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