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Bulletin No 20 November 2020

Bulletin No 20 November 2020


Member update following the DC Modernisation meeting between GMB and Wilko on Thursday 12th November, 2020


Consultation Update


We will be meeting with Wilko to consult on the detail of the new contracts that will form part of the proposals that will be put to ballot and also the detail of the full offer to members. This will be made

available to all GMB members once this work is complete.


1 to 1’s are continuing at the DC’s and part time and flexible workers should have confirmation of

the working hours and patterns available to them shortly. If you have a flexible working arrangement

and have not been given a 1 to 1 meeting, please contact your manager or GMB Rep as a matter of

urgency. If you have attended your second 1 to 1 and have not received confirmation of your working pattern going forward then please speak to your GMB Rep.


Due to the detail required on the proposed contracts, confirmation of hours for part time and flexible workers, and final sign off and detail on the proposals, we have postponed the GMB ballot of members.


It is important that every member has the full detail of their options before making a decision. Once this is available we will commence a ballot of members. There are still a number of members whose

personal details have not been updated on the GMB membership system. To ensure you have your say we ask again:


  • All members ensure their membership details, particularly, e-mail address, mobile number and home address are correct.


  • Also, please check you have given us permission to contact you by e-mail, SMS or post.


If you have indicated you do not want to be contacted by any of these methods, this will need to be changed, otherwise you will not receive information from us by that means.


Please use the following link to check and update your details:


With regards


Roger Jenkins

GmB National officer

Posted: 10th December 2020

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