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Bulletin No 17 October 2020

Bulletin No 17 October 2020


Following the DC Modernisation meeting with Wilko on Thursday 15th October, 2020, this is an update on those discussions.


Redundancy at DC2


The cut off date for applications for Voluntary Redundancy has now expired.

Members that have expressed an interest in Voluntary Redundancy should receive confirmation from the company within the next 2 weeks.  We are aware of a number of job vacancies at DC2 which are advertised internally, e.g. Stock Control. These positions will be out of scope of redundancy and we would urge members to apply if they are interested.


Flexible Working and Part-Time Contracts


All members at DC2 on flexible and part time contracts should now have had their 1 to 1 meetings with the company. We would like to thank the GMB reps at DC2 for the support they have given members through this process. Reports from the meetings have been positive, we are aware of a small number of members with ongoing issues and concerns and we will be working through these to find solutions.

1 to 1 meetings will be commencing with part time and flexible workers at DC1, these need to be completed and resolved before we can go to ballot on the full proposals.


Agency Workers.


We have the commitment from Wilko limiting the use of agency workers as well as a commitment for the long term to consult with and agree the permanent maintained headcount within both DCs. Both Wilko and the GMB agree that all permanent post should be filled by permanent employees and agency used only as a back up.


New contracts and ways of working.


Following a great deal of concern from GMB members on the proposals to move to 4 weekly pay. The difficulty in transferring to a new pay period and the ongoing issues in family budgeting with variable pay dates. This balanced against the small amount of savings the company would make and no impact on competitiveness or productivity. The GMB has requested that 4 weekly pay be removed from the proposals. This is now being considered and we expect a formal response within the next 2 weeks.


With the proposed significant changes to members Terms and Conditions and working arrangements we have been clear that for this to be accepted Wilko would have to offer a buy-out to be included in a ballot of GMB members. The gap between what Wilko felt was affordable and what the GMB felt was acceptable was not small. We are happy to report that that gap is shrinking and we hope to have an offer that we are comfortable in balloting our members.


GMB Members Ballot.


We are now close to reaching final proposals to put to a ballot of GMB members at DC1 and 2.  Given the current increase in covid cases and potential full lock down in areas of the country we are considering running the ballot digitally. For this to be successful we need to ensure all members details are updated and correct. We are asking members to check their membership details, particularly, e mail address, Mobile number and home address.


Please use the following link to update your details.


This bulletin will also be posted to the Wilko noticeboard on the GMB website where you can click on this link.




Posted: 20th October 2020

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