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Bulletin No 16 October 2020

Bulletin No 16 October 2020




Following the DC Modernisation meeting with Wilko on Thursday 8th October 2020, this is an update on those discussions


Discussions continue on a weekly basis between Wilko and GMB and the GMB will provide weekly updates for members on progress. It is important that members speak to their reps so that we can ensure your issues and concerns are discussed at these meetings.


Redundancy at DC2


Applications for voluntary redundancies at DC2 are still open, the cut-off date for expressing an interest is Friday 16th October. Any member expressing an interest in Voluntary Redundancy is not agreeing to leave but simply requesting detail on the package available.

We have been working through the job roles to identify who is and is not at risk, this work should now be completed, for members in roles that are not at risk, you can still apply for voluntary redundancy if you so wish.


Flexible Working and Part-Time Contracts


A lot of time has been spent on these contracts to ensure there are positions available that fit in with your work life balance and protect those members with specific needs.

1to1s have begun with members on these contracts at DC2 and feedback has been positive. We are expecting 1 to 1s to commence at DC1 in the near future. Any member on one of these contracts who have concerns can you please speak to your GMB rep so that we can raise these.


Agency Workers.


A number of concerns are still being raised by members on the number of Agency Workers. We now have a verbal commitment on the use of Agency post modernisation which will be put in writing, ensuring that all permanent positions are filled by Wilko employees. Agency will still be used as we go through this process to reduce the number of redundancies at DC2 and avoid redundancies at DC1


New contracts and ways of working.


Discussions continue on new contracts, shift patterns, both part and full time, unpaid breaks and pay protection. We are also negotiating a buy out for the current contracts, the value of this has to be considered along with any redundancy packages.

There is still some way to go before GMB is confident of putting the final proposals to a full ballot of members at DC1 and DC2, but the final decision will be yours.


Absence policy.


You will recall that Wilko intended to enforce a new absence policy this month removing parts of the Sick Pay and bringing in 3 waiting days. GMB has put forward alternative proposals for managing sickness whilst protecting the current sick pay arrangements. Good progress has been made and a trial on the proposals is likely in the near future.

We will be providing separate more detailed comms on this issue once agreement has been secured.




Posted: 20th October 2020

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