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Bulletin No 13 September 2017

Bulletin No 13 September 2017


Dear Member

GMB priorities throughout the consultations have been to minimise the number of redundancies and protect peoples’ contract hours and pay. Progress has been made on some issues and other matters are still being discussed.

Team Supervisor Posts

It has been clarified that persons wishing to apply for the new team supervisor post are not required to be fully flexible across the stores entire operating hours. Part time and/or full time hours should be available. Level 2 & 3 and Assistant Managers are fully entitled to apply for the proposed new team supervisor roles regardless of any current shifts, hours, flexibility, Sunday opt out etc. If you did not apply for any of these reasons, you should be allowed to, and you should be given an interview. If a current level 2 or 3 applies for the new team supervisor role and is successful they will have to make a new flexible working request.

Redundancy and Redundancy Payments

Level 2 & 3 employees were put at risk of redundancy. Those employees wanting to take redundancy should express an interest to management.

Existing level 1 staff wishing to be considered for redundancy will be invited to express an interest from week commencing 2nd October 2017.

The hours calculation for statutory redundancy payments will be based on, the highest of either:

A. Contractual Hours

B. Average over the last 12 months months (financial year February to February) or

C. Average hours in the last 12 weeks of employment

Employees being made redundant will be entitled to reasonable paid time off to attend interviews.

Notice Period & Pay

Wilko has clarified that payment in lieu of notice (PILON) will be dependent on the operational requirements in each store. If you want PILON then you should ask your store manager.
Employees who work their notice will be asked to take their accrued annual leave during their notice period. If you have outstanding accrued annual leave when you leave this will need to be paid to you.

If you get a job during your notice period and want to leave before your notice has expired Wilko has said they will look favourably on these requests. You will still receive your redundancy payment, but you will not be paid the balance of your notice.

Pay Rise & other Terms & Conditions

 The 1% pay rise due on 1st October will be paid and factored into redundancy payments.

 Staff discount will be available for 12 months following redundancy.

 Clothing Allowance due in October 2017 will be paid.

 Long service awards will be honoured during an employee’s notice period.

Redeployment & Contract Hours

Where an employee decides to redeploy into a level 1 post their contract hours should be maintained at their current level where the store has hours to do so. Where a store doesn’t have enough hours then hours should be kept as close as possible to the person’s current contract hours. Full details are available in GMB Bulletin 12.

GMB asked for people to be able to keep their current hours in peak Christmas time and not employ temps. Wilko said, they will review this on a store by store basis and where they are able to implement this then we will look to put this in place.

Management say that Christmas temp requirements vary across all stores, with not all stores having the requirement for any. Where they are needed, this will often be to increase the number of team members available at the same time (e.g. additional cashiers to open more tills during the peak trading period) and therefore maintaining an individual’s hours may not provide cover for the additional required shifts. Where it does however, then they will look to support this proposal.

Permanent employees take precedence over temporary staff. Wilko has said temporary contracts should not be extended past 14th October and temporary staff should not be given permanent contracts.

Redeployment opportunities will be made available in nearby stores, new stores, and distribution centres.

Anyone who was promoted to level 2 and is in their 13 week probationary period can step back down to their previous post without loss of hours.

If a level 2 or 3 wishes to take a level 1 post then their flexible working agreement will remain in place.
Sunday Opt outs will still apply.

Pay Protection & Trial Period

If an employee decides to redeploy into a level 1 post then they will receive 13 weeks’ pay protection at their current hourly rate.
There is a 13 week trial period if a person decides to move from a level 3 or 2 role to a level 1 position. If a person decides during that period the job is not for them they can take the redundancy payment.

Level 1 Tasks

Wilko has proposed a new job profile for level one. We’ve asked for this to be job evaluated and we’ve raised members’ concerns with management. Please give your GMB workplace rep or organiser your views on the new job tasks.
Next Steps

The next collective consultation meeting is on 5th October 2017. Keep your questions coming and we will keep GMB members updated on developments.

There are lots of discussions to be had at store level, so involve your GMB rep.

For advice, assistance and representation, please speak to your GMB workplace rep or organiser.

If you wish to join GMB you can do so online at or speak to your local GMB rep or contact your local GMB office.



Posted: 2nd October 2017

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