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Bulletin no.10

APOLOGIES FOR DELAY – Bulletin No 10 August 2017


Dear Colleagues

The second Collective Consultation meeting took place with management on Thursday 24th August. Following feedback from GMB members and reps, GMB outlined our position:

 Increase the number of new Team Supervisor posts or retain some Level 2 posts.

 Voluntary, not compulsory, redundancies.

 Employees stepping down to a Level 1 role should keep current hours and flexible working.

 Pay Protection for displaced level 2 & 3 employees.

 Redeployment opportunities available in nearby stores, new stores, and distribution centres.

Management confirmed in discussions the following:

 Managers should not be asking staff to reduce hours. We are still at the early stages of consultation

 The hours calculation for redundancy payments will be based on the highest of either:
1. Contractual Hours
2. Average over the last 12 months (financial year February to February), or
3. Average hours in the last 12 weeks of employment.

 The 1% pay rise due on 1st October will be paid and factored into redundancy payments.

 Staff discount will still be available for 12 months for employees taking redundancy.

 Clothing Allowance due in October 2017 will be paid.

 Employees taking redundancy can either take pay in lieu of notice or work their notice. Employees who take pay in lieu of notice will be paid their accrued annual leave. Employees who work their notice will be asked to take their accrued annual leave during their notice period. (TMs will be expected to work their notice, however the operational need to work notice will be reviewed on a store by store basis – Paul McGuire)

 Redeployment opportunities will be made available in nearby stores, new stores, and distribution centres.

 Anyone who has been promoted to level 2 and is in their 13 week probationary period can step back down to their previous post which loss of hours.

 If a level 2 or 3 wishes to take a level 1 post then their flexible working agreement will remain in place.

 Any person with a Sunday working opt-out can continue with this regardless of the restructure.

Still under discussion:

 Minimising Redundancies

 Protecting Employee Hours

 Retaining some level two’s or increasing number of new team supervisor roles

 Pay Protection

The next collective consultation meeting is on Monday 4th September 2017.

GMB will continue to do everything possible to fight our members’ corner, minimise any job losses and protect earnings and hours.

Yours sincerely

Posted: 7th September 2017

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