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Bulletin Issue 4th March 2022 – 2022 PAY BALLOT UPDATE

Bulletin Issue 4th March 2022



Dear Members.


Following the announcements from Wilko and the bulletin from GMB we have had a number of questions raised by members over the issue of moving to 4 weekly or Monthly pay. This bulletin is to clarify this issue.


Q.Why is the issue of changing the pay frequency on the ballot paper?


A.This was part of the final offer from Wilko to GMB and the company were clear that they could not offer the pay deal as it stands without the inclusion of pay frequency.


Q.Wilko have stated in their comms that GMB are supportive of the move to 4 weekly or monthly pay, is this true?


A.No, the GMB have been clear, and e-mailed the company on our stance before their comms were released, that e-mail stated “the GMB position is that providing we have a positive result in the ballot the GMB will engage with the company on proposals to move to monthly pay. I hope this clarifies the position.


Q.If the 2022 pay offer is accepted by GMB members will we be moved to Monthly or 4 Weekly pay?


A.The likelihood is yes, but not before 2023. What this does is guarantee that how the move is achieved will be negotiated with your GMB reps between now and 2023. We will fully consult with our members on their needs and concerns. They may include buyouts, bridging loans, salary draw down etc. those discussions are yet to take place. Our job will be to ensure no member suffers any detriment from this change.


Q.If the pay offer is rejected can the company still move the pay frequency?


A.Yes, but that would have to be imposed by the company with notice, the GMB would not have the authority from Members to negotiate how this was done and would likely lead to dispute.


Q.Are the GMB recommending the 2022 pay offer?


A.No, with the inclusion of a change to pay frequency the negotiating committee did not feel able to recommend acceptance. It is an individual members decision as to whether this offer is acceptable.


Roger Jenkins,

GMB National Officer

Posted: 16th March 2022

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