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Bulletin 21 January 2021

Bulletin 21 January 2021


Early last year Wilko threatened to change the agreed sickness and absence policy and significantly reduce your entitlement to sick pay.

Following intervention by the GMB the threat was removed. Since then we have
offered alternatives to Wilko to control absence whilst protecting sick pay for those who are genuinely sick.

Today, whilst we were consulting in good faith with the company, Wilko, behind our backs, issued communications to Team Members informing them that the current Sickness Policy would be removed and replaced with a policy that cuts the entitlement to sick pay, removes access to representation and attacks those employees who are genuinely ill.

The GMB have formally raised a dispute with Wilko and have also made clear that if they push ahead with these detrimental changes to your Terms and Conditions
we will have no choice but to run a consultative ballot for industrial action.

All of you, the hero keyworkers, have since March last year put yours and your
family’s health at risk by turning up for work through this pandemic ensuring Wilko can continue to trade and make a profit. Their thanks for your dedication is a slap across the face and pushing genuinely sick employees into debt.
We will not tolerate this, it is time to stand up to Wilko.

If you are not a member join now and fight with us to protect your sick pay.

Roger Jenkins

GMB National Officer

Posted: 1st February 2021

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