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Bulletin 14 November 2017


Wilko Retail Restructure

Dear Member

GMB priorities throughout Wilko’s retail restructure were to minimise and reduce the number of redundancies and protect people’s contract hours and pay. Back in August 17, 3,712 Wilko employees were put at risk of redundancy. This has been a very stressful and difficult time for everyone. Through the collective consultation period 2,663 people were either promoted or redeployed. 1,030 are taking redundancy and 19 people are being made compulsory redundant.

It is fair to say that the redundancy figure would have been substantially higher if it were not for the agreement reached between GMB and Wilko to protect people’s hours if they chose to redeploy.

Wilko added additional tasks to the level 1 role and although this was job evaluated and the rate of pay has remained the same, GMB firmly believes the Level 1 rate of pay should be increased to reflect the extra tasks being done and to ensure Wilko staff are paid a living wage.

We will be pursuing this at pay negotiations which will start early in the New Year.


Update and Clarity on Trial Periods


Trial in new role for all team members redeploying from Level 2 and Level 3 position to a Level 1 role started on 23rd and 30th October. Those stepping down to L1 remain being paid their higher rate of pay during this trial period (13 weeks). During the trial period, Team Members should have the opportunity to fully trial their new role e.g. to complete shifts on the till and / or on the shop floor completing customer facing duties.

It has been confirmed at head office that once a team member has stepped down to Level 1 that they will do only the level 1 tasks and not training up the new level 3’s as this is for the management team to be doing.

There will be a transition period and team members may need to support the operation whilst new TMs are being trained up and therefore can be scheduled for key holder tasks as in their previous roles to allow the operation to move over to the new structure. (e.g. this is the same principle as the current duty managers/keyholders who will continue to do this role for the next 6 weeks before then switching over to the new key holders at £9.75 per relevant hour on 3rd December).

There is a lot of activity with people taking redundancy, working their notice, undertaking their trial period and doing a new role. If you have any questions or problems, please contact your local GMB rep or GMB Office.

If you wish to join GMB you can do so online at or speak to your local GMB rep or contact your local GMB office.






Posted: 28th November 2017

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