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2015 Final Company Pay Offer

Dear GMB members

The historically low inflation levels and slow trading recovery have made this year’s talks very difficult, particularly the impending introduction of the National Living Wage of £7.20 in April 2016.
Your National Negotiating Team have been very robust with the Company, and made your pay aspirations clear, especially given the proposed rise in the National Minimum Wage of 3% in October and the Company’s year-to-date performance.


In response to your claim of:
 3% wage rise;
 Increase in the Staff Discount;
 Extra Leave and;
 Shift Allowance for 2-10pm shift at SC1/2.

The Company have offered 2% from October 2015, with a commitment to commencing negotiations in November and December ahead of the introduction of the National Living Wage of £7.20 in April 2016. They have also agreed to back date the increase to the 1st October to make sure that you have a chance to vote on the offer in the GMB ballot.


Your NNT believe that based on the positive Company performance staff should be rewarded with a better rise, especially as every extra 0.5% will only cost the Company approximately £500K (until April 2016). However the Company has been robust in justifying its counter offer, particularly as the Christmas trading period is still to come.
The NNT are still very concerned about keeping wages above the National Minimum (soon to be ‘Living’) Wage and maintaining current differentials between roles – and will focus on them in the talks planned for November/December.
RECOMMENDATION – HAVE YOUR SAY On balance, with the historic low levels of inflation, this offer does represent an increase well-above the current cost of living, so the National Negotiating Team are recommending the offer of 2% to members. It is now up to you, the members, to have the final say on 2015 pay.
Please ensure that you fill in your ballot paper and return to GMB by October 2nd to GMB Freepost, or hand to you GMB Shop Steward. Remember only GMB members will have the right to vote on the offer. Please encourage friends at Wilko who are not in GMB to join, using the form overleaf, so they can also have a vote. We are stronger together.

Yours sincerely,

GMB Commercial Services Section

Posted: 23rd September 2015

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