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Update for retail holidays. Bulletin No 2 February 2020

Update for retail holidays.

Bulletin No 2 February 2020

Wilko – Annual Leave

Dear Member

You will have seen that Wilko has introduced changes to their holiday policy which includes team members not being able to book annual leave in December, other than in exceptional circumstances.

This has not been agreed with GMB. We pushed back on the change because some team members had already booked annual leave during this period and we argued that team members should be able to take time off during December if the store had sufficient cover.

The company said they would incorporate this in the guidance to managers. Wilko management also said they would honour holidays already booked for December 2020.

GMB has stressed that team members should be given plenty of opportunity throughout the year to be able to take their annual leave. The needs of the business have to be balanced with team members being able to spend time with their families and friends.

If you encounter any problems booking annual leave, please speak to your local GMB rep or Regional Organiser.

Yours sincerely



Posted: 12th February 2020

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